New Jerusalem Cuisine

Organic Farm Fresh at New Jerusalem Cuisine

Monica and Daniel Claughton are proud owners of New Jerusalem Cuisine and it’s our passion to bring you sustainable, fresh, organic produce direct from South Australia’s backyard to your plate. We strive to deal directly with the local producers so we know exactly where we get the food that we serve to you.


Our chocolate comes from Bracegirdles of Adelaide.


Atlantic salmon comes from Tassal of Tasmania and delivered daily and fresh to Adelaide.

Fruit and Veg:

Fruit and veg are from beautiful Adelaide and surrounds.

All our meat comes from:

Wakefield Grange, a 400 acre farm located on the lush slopes of the Fleurieu Peninsula. We met both butcher and farmer who took us on a tour inside a unique, on-farm processing facility. Farmer Nathan prides himself on regenerative farming practices, ensuring that the health of the meat/farm starts from the ground up.

Farming uses holistic management practices. Wakefield Grange supplies 100% grass-fed Angas/Hereford x Limousine beef cattle, free range Duroc/Berkshire x Large White pigs and pasture raised poultry.

Adelaide Hills ‘The Deer’ Farm’:

Deer are extremely well looked after, sadly we weren’t able to cuddle as they are wild!

Our venison meat comes from Mesopotamian Follow deer/Persian. Persian deer are featured in the Israeli/Persian/Iranian/Iraqi regions. Historically the Shah of Iran held a private herd of these rare, exotic deer captured from the wild in Iran.

When the Shah fell (during the revolution in mid-seventies) tis herd was so valued that an Israeli Gneral flew in a specialist team into Tehran (amid the chaos of an evolution) and managed to collect 3 male and 2 female specimens. These 5 deer were flown to Opel Zoo in Germany as there were issues between Israel and Iran that prevented a direct flight to Israel. Sometime later some were flown back to Israel were this core herd today number some 200 heads. Specimens retained at Opel Zoo found their way to New Zealand and via artificial insemination to Australia.

Adelaide Hills – Paris Creek Bio-dynamic Dairy”:

Handcrafted French style soft and European style hard cheeses are made from the highest quality, premium, biodynamic-organic milk. At every stage of production, use of artificial ingredients such as colours, flavors , stabilizers are avoided.

Rio Coffee:

Straight from Italy in the late 1950’s it was found that there was not a decent cup of coffee to be had for love or money here. Until, of course, someone fired up the first Gaggias and Australians surrendered to the first shots of espresso

Rio Coffee started in South Australia in 1964. Back then, all they had was a small roaster and a cool VW van to deliver the finished product to friends around town.

It was a steep learning curve. By experimenting, they slowly mastered the art of roasting and blending to produce the fine coffee available today.

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